The Truth About No Pesticides

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The Truth About No Pesticides

The importance of organic gardening cannot be stressed enough. One of the major benefits is that you don’t need to use any pesticides or herbicides to get rid of pests or to grow your plants. Also, there are no side effects involved and you do not disturb the environment. You don’t need to worry about killing your neighbours’ birds, animals or even your own insects. You will not be disturbing the natural balance in the garden or affecting the weather and climate either.

Most modern pesticides are made from toxic chemicals that have been proven dangerous to humans. For instance, some of the chemicals used by farmers to control their pests cause cancer. This is especially true with the systemic pesticides used by big food and pharmaceutical companies. These chemicals infiltrate the entire food chain. They contaminate the food we eat and the water we drink. The worst thing is, they don’t really get rid of pests or diseases.

In order to increase organic production and control pest and disease infestations, farmers have to resort to unnatural means. Fortunately, with the help of modern technology, they can use the right chemicals to kill the pests without poisoning the environment. They also avoid using dangerous herbicides and pesticides which cause irreparable damage to the soil and to human health. Today, most organic farmers rely on synthetic pesticides which come in the form of liquid, powder or granules. These substances are produced in huge amounts. Farmers have to constantly keep buying new substances in order to keep up with the demand.

Synthetic pesticides are usually preferred over natural pesticides. However, there are also some advantages to natural methods as well. For instance, since pesticides cannot be washed out from the surface of the earth, no residue becomes evident after application. This means that the chemical remains on the soil and contaminates the groundwater. Farmers who grow fruits and vegetables know that applying pesticides causes many health problems.

The application of pesticides affects the crop itself and the soil when it is sprayed. Pesticides in organic agriculture are applied on the crop itself before it is released to the fields. So even if no residue becomes apparent, the toxins still stay in the soil and contaminate the water supply. When crops are sprayed with pesticides, a strong toxin known as pyrethrin is released which makes crops very sick and causes them to wither and die.

Organic farmers do not use pesticides because they see no need for them. Instead of being an additional expense, they believe that using them is more harmful than advantageous. Organic farmers are very aware that chemicals harm people on a large scale. Many of them have learned that paying a small amount of money for a pesticide when the cost of a garden would be more cost effective in the long run is much better than spending thousands of dollars for treatment. So they do not use pesticides.

However, even if pesticides are not used on an organic farm, the owner still must be aware of the dangers of pesticides. Just because there is no pesticides on the land does not mean that pests have no way of getting into the food that is being grown. Pests have a keen sense of smell and taste and can even find ways to get into the food themselves. The residue of a pesticide can actually attract more pests which means more insects in the food which means more pests spreading around your entire household, affecting not only your family but any other pets or humans that may come into contact with the tainted food.

You can help prevent insect infestation by using a natural flea control. While synthetic pesticides are easier to use, many people are concerned that natural flea control products do not kill as many insects. And while a natural flea control will not keep you from being exposed to pesticides, it can make your life easier and keep the bugs away from your house and possessions. It’s a good idea to do a little research before making a purchase.