The Case Against Using No Pesticides

For those that want to make organic vegetable garden, the decision to not use pesticides is a choice not to be taken for granted. There are several benefits in using natural fertiliser and no pesticides, apart from the fact that they are not harmful to people or animals. However, in some situations using chemicals can help to grow the garden in a faster and more productive manner. However, before you decide to use pesticides you should learn about the natural methods of growing vegetables and they may also prove to be beneficial.

no pesticides

One of the most obvious benefits of growing your crops with natural fertiliser is that you don’t have to apply any chemicals. When you first plant your natural vegetable garden, you will need to give your plants some time to settle down and grow. This will depend on the type of crop that you are growing as well as the soil conditions. After this has occurred, the plants can begin to produce their own food, which is vital for the health of your crop. With natural fertiliser there is no application of any chemicals which means no insect pests or disease can survive.

Another benefit of growing natural food is that it does not attract pests, diseases or other insects to your garden or crops. Some insects and pests don’t feed on crops, so leaving them alone is not good for you or your crops. However, when they do feed on the crops then they will draw all the nutrients from them, meaning that your food will start to become low in nutrition. This is one of the reasons why many farmers do not use pesticides to kill off these pests and instead try and build up the immune system of their crops by using natural methods.

Not only can pesticides harm human beings and animals if they are accidentally ingested but they can also be very harmful to the environment. The chemical substances contained in pesticides have the potential to cause damage to the soil, water supply and the air. Many farmers who use pesticides do so unknowingly, and as a result they are in danger of inhaling the pesticide vapors. This can be deadly for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. Pesticides are known to leach into the water supply resulting in the contamination of local lakes and streams, and some pesticides evaporate into the atmosphere making it impossible to know whether their home has been contaminated by the pesticide vapors.

Organically grown foods have no pesticides residue whatsoever. This means that you can be assured that even if you eat a meal that has pesticide residue it will not cause you any ill effects. With organic produce, the pesticides never make it into your system and you get no ill health issues as a result. If someone in your family were to consume traces of a pesticide containing residue then that person would most likely suffer from digestive upset or nausea. These same reactions can occur if someone ate too much sugar cane soaked in pesticide residue. However, with organically grown food no such damage occurs.

Because natural fertilisers have not been subject to the chemical processes used by farmers, they are unlikely to be toxic to humans. Commonly occurring fertilisers like potassium nitrate and manure (from animals) are natural substances found in the soil. They can also provide the same nutrients that you find in non-organic produce. So even if a farmer does use pesticides in order to keep pests out of their produce, the natural substances in the soil will still be able to provide the nutrients needed.

The effects of using chemicals on crops is very likely to be extremely harmful to humans. This is especially true in the case of organically grown food. Ingesting traces of toxins can do serious harm to your body. However, if you consume organically grown foods you will also receive a number of other benefits. You will experience a boost to your immune system, less stress and a boost to your well being.

Ultimately, no synthetic pesticides will be able to permanently eliminate pest control. No matter what you feed your family, you can feed them safer food by making sure that you trap crops using natural means. Organic farmers are always making the effort to improve the quality of the food they produce and with every step they take they are improving the health of the entire planet.