Recycle Newspaper to Save the Environment


Recycle Newspaper to Save the Environment

“recyclable” might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about recycling. But what does that mean? “Reusable” or “biodegradable” paper materials are collected and taken to a central recycling facility where they are sorted into various categories. Paper is always recyclable, even the cardboard that you get at the store.

Answer: Any type of paper can be recycled including: school paper, office paper, magazine, newspaper, card stock, legal, bulk, and personal card stock. Newspaper is recyclable only if it is shredded rather than burned. If you do not have boxes to take your recyclable material out to the recycling facility with, simply take it to your garbage bin.

So, you asked, what is the difference between paper and cardboard? Answer: Cardboard is recyclable because of the plastic coating on the outside. The paper can not be recycled. When you take out the paper from an envelope, the plastic has already been melted and the paper is separate from the paper. This makes paper highly unreplaceable. To put it in a nice neat bundle, some people fold it into quarters or thirds and keep it in a binder or a scrapbook, but this depends on the volume that you are wanting to put in the recycling bin.

What is the distinction between newsprint and wrapping paper? Newsprint is recyclable because the color of the paper has been treated in order to repel the elements. Wrapping paper is not recyclable because the fibers have already been twisted, the plastic has been melted, and the newsprint has been folded into a U shape. Both of these materials should be thrown in the trash.

What is the difference between newspaper and cardboard? Again, the color has been treated so it will not attract mice or other wildlife. Now, many different kinds of papers are being made and sold in the market, and many different kinds of papers are also being recycled to make new kinds of newspaper. For instance, United States newspaper, News Letter, otherwise known as the newspaper would be made from a blend of recycled paper and postcard, and they have the added benefit of being more biodegradable than any newspaper. The brown paper bags that are common at the grocery stores are made of recycled paper and used to hold newspaper.

What is the distinction between shredded paper and shredded fiber? Shredded paper is one way to create new paper out of old plastics. In recycling processes, the shredded fibers become extra strong and fibers become new threads. The fibers do not break down because they are shredded, but the chemical reaction causes them to become stronger than they were originally. The stronger fibers are woven into thread, which can then be put together to make new materials.

How come paperboard is recycled? After the newspaper is printed, it goes through an acid cleaning process that removes ink from it and makes the paperboard soft and pulverized. Then, the paperboard is soaked in a de-lamination process that turns the paperboard into one unit of plasticine. The plasticine contains polymer resins that bind with the oil on anything that is placed in the refrigerator. Plasticine and the oil will separate and then the resin on the top of the paper will bond with the plasticine, and then the piece of paperboard will be separated from the oil.

Why use reclaimed paper? Because it is an old newspaper, and it can be sold for a fraction of its new value. The fibers become lighter grade paper, so it is easier to package and ship. It will still have adhesive and ink, but not as much. Using this product in your next recycling process is one less thing you have to worry about.