Recycle – Get More For Less


Recycle – Get More For Less

Did you know that paper can actually be recycled and used again? The waste management programs of some cities make it possible for people to take their used paper and put it to good use in their community. A program like this allows people to either re-use the paper by donating it to a local food bank or facility or turn it into cash. This is a good way to help those who are struggling with finances, but still need to have some way of getting their hands on some extra cash.

Reuse: Many different types of paper can actually be recycled. This includes shredded paper, recycled paper, and even the used wrapping paper that may have come with a gift. Some cities also allow people to recycle their bags and paper bags with their grocery shopping. If you’re concerned about saving our environment, consider all of these options. Reusing items not only helps to keep our landfills free from trash but it is also a great way for those who are able to recycle to give back to their communities.

Cash: Food residue such as paper packaging can actually be turned into money. Several cities around the country have food residue sales. People who bring in their used packaging from recycling bins can take home the money they earn. It may even be possible to take home cash for paying city fees or fines.

Benefits: The benefits of recycling are numerous. Not only does it help to keep our landfills free from garbage but also it helps to reduce the amount of plastic we throw away each year. There’s enough plastic in the ocean to destroy an entire ship, yet people will use it over again because it’s convenient. This means that, depending on how much you recycle, you can help reduce the amount of plastic and paper that ends up in our landfills. Many places offer soiled bags that can be reused for other items.

Environmental Benefit: Another benefit to recycling is that it helps to reduce landfill space. Landfill space is often filled up by newspapers, plastics, and metal all of which can cause serious damage to the environment. This is especially true for areas which produce more paper than they can handle, such as our nation’s largest cities. So, by using recycled materials, you are actually helping reduce the amount of garbage being sent to the landfill.

Take Action: Participating in a nationwide program such as American Forest Recycling Association can make a huge difference in how much waste is recycled. All that is required is that you place your reusable items into special containers provided by the American Forest Recycling Association. Your local branch office can direct you to various programs. In addition, your local paper association can also provide information on how you can participate. This is a great way to get involved with a community effort to recycle, reuse, and renew American forests.

Information: To find out more information about paper recycling in your area, contact your local paper association. They have valuable resources and publications on many different topics, including recycling. They also have a telephone number that you can call to get information on upcoming events, projects, or programs.

There are many benefits to recycling. So, take action today and support our country’s recycling programs. The trash that we are sending to our garbage bins may eventually end up dumped into a landfill, contaminating it with heavy metals, acid, pesticides, and bacteria. So, instead of sending those toxic trash items to the landfill, why not use something more useful, like paper, plastic, or glass, which can be used again. Instead of sending household hazardous waste to landfill sites, why not consider something more useful, like household hazardous waste recycling.