Natural Fertiliser – Should I Use No Pesticides?

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Natural Fertiliser – Should I Use No Pesticides?

A growing number of people are turning away from chemically enhanced foods and are turning towards organically grown produce. They are worried about the residues left in their food by the various pesticides that are used to keep insects and other pests out. When these pesticides are consumed by humans, they can have very detrimental effects on their health. The major concern is that some pesticides are suspected of leading to cancer and many other diseases. This is why people are looking towards organically grown food and making the switch to organic garden produce.

By making the switch to organic, it means that you are avoiding all those chemicals that might have been sprayed on your produce. But the organic products also use natural fertiliser as a controlling agent. These natural fertilisers are made from natural substances like manure or waste products from the animal industry and contain no pesticides. The no pesticides natural fertiliser that you get comes directly from natural sources like animal dung, manure, leaves, kitchen scraps etc. This natural fertiliser will help the plants grow fast and spread well.

The no pesticides natural fertiliser that you use should be applied directly to the crops. The fertiliser must be mixed into the soil before planting. You must make sure that it completely covers the soil and has penetrated into the plant root. The mixture can be applied as a fertilizer after the crop is planted so that it helps the plants grow better and faster. This natural fertiliser is safe to apply without any worries of having harmful effects on your body.

You might be wondering how this natural fertiliser compares with the chemical fertiliser that you use for your vegetables and fruits. Well, the chemical fertiliser might have some benefits like killing bacteria and fungi. However, it cannot distinguish between good and bad bacteria or fungi. The no pesticides fertiliser can do that job too. It can help to kill off any unwanted bacteria and fungi while leaving the beneficial ones alive so that they do not cause any harm to your food.

There are other advantages of using organic fertiliser. Organic fertiliser is free from any harmful chemicals. Therefore, if you want healthy vegetables and fruits in your diet, you will not need to buy those chemicals to ensure that they grow. You also do not need to put extra effort in making your plants grow fast. All you need is fertile soil and regular application of the organic fertilizer. Another advantage of using organic fertiliser is that you will not add any additional chemicals to your food that could prove harmful to your health.

Another important reason why natural fertilisers are better than pesticides is that the no pesticides option does not result in any additional cost. Applying the natural fertiliser once will save you a lot of money and time. You will also not add any extra cost in the form of packing, handling and various other things. So, the no pesticides option is the best option if you are looking for natural fertiliser that is organic and will also save you a lot of time and money.

If you have decided to use natural fertiliser, it is important that you read up on how to make the natural fertiliser more effective. There are many sites on the Internet that will help you in understanding how to choose the right fertiliser. The most popular types of organic garden fertilisers include manure from animals (goats, sheep, cows), tree waste and dried algae (black walnut shells, seawater shells, fish wastes). You can also opt for organic fertiliser if you live in a region where agriculture has not yet been completely mechanized.

When you are opting for an organic fertiliser, you should make sure that you understand the instructions given on the packaging. If you are not sure as to whether the fertiliser is pesticide free or organic, you can contact your local gardening store. They should be able to help you find out whether or not the product is a pesticide free or organic. Most of the time, they should also be able to provide you with information as to how to care for the product so that you do not have to worry about harmful side effects. However, it is always best to confirm with a professional, as they will know that no pesticides organic garden fertiliser is best for your needs.